Stratford Jubilee
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About the band

Crowdy-Kit it is a foot-stomping ceilidh band guaranteed to get people up and dancing at festivals, weddings, partys or a good old barn dance.  It brings together three of the westcountry’s finest dance musicians on fiddle flute and and piano making an energetic and uplifting sound.

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We’re really excited to be playing at both Towersey and Broadstairs folk festivals this summer.  Hannah is currently exercising her amazing talents in the Fishermen’s Friends musical so we will be joined by Alison Rowley for these gigs.  Alison is an amazing fiddle player and we’re really looking forward to working with her.

Crowdy-Kit: Noun kraʊdɪ-kɪt Westcountry Dialect, a small bowed instrument or fiddle.  Also in devonshire Water Figwort